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Qualifications M Com, M Phil, Ph.d, LLB (Utkal University), AICWA (ICWAI), DBF (ICFAI)
Date of Joining NEHU 29th April 2002
Currently Teaching
Adv. Financial Management, Management of Financial Institutions, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, and Financial Markets and Instruments
Ph D title
Development Banking In India: An Evaluation of Performance of IDBI
Area of Interest Finance
Current area of work Banking/Micro Finance
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Papers Presented in Conferences, seminars etc-  35
Research Projects Completed - 3 (Three)

Sl.No. Title of the Project
Operational Efficiency of RRBs in North-East: A Case Study of Subansiri Gaonlia Bank (UGC Minor)
Financial Sustainability of Micro Lending Through SHG-Bank Linkage Programme: A Study on Meghalaya (ICSSR, Major)
Capital Structure and Sustainability: An Empirical study on Indian Micro Financing Institutions (UGC, Major)
Ph D Supervised - 6 (Six)

Title of the Ph.D.
Name of Scholar
Knowledge-Based Decision Support System for Prevention of NPAs in Commercial Banks
Bimal Debnath
Impact of Bank Linkage Micro Credit Programme on the Growth and Development of Micro Enterprises: A Study on Meghalaya
Sabindra Rajbonshi
Disintermediation in Financial System: An Empirical Study of Indian Commercial Banks
Dipankar Shome
Impact of Micro-Finance on Women Empowerment: A Study of Meghalaya
Benjamin Franklin Lyngdoh
Post Reform Bank Efficiency in North-East India: A Branch Level Analysis (Joint Supervision)
Jayeeta Dev
Subsidised Micro Finance and Financial Performance of SHGs: A Study of Meghalaya
Purna Prasad Sharma
  1. Best Business Academic of the Year (BBAY) Award, 2007, by All India Commerce Association
  2. Best Business Academic of the Year (BBAY) Award, 2009, by All India Commerce Association
Papers presented 35
Academic Affiliations
Life Member Indian Commerce Association
Indian Accounting Association
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