Inter-Library Loan Service

The Inter-Library Loan Service (ILLS), provided by the Documentation Section of NEHU Central Library, supports the instructional and research needs of the post-graduate students, research scholars and faculty of the North-Eastern Hill University by obtaining materials which are not available in the NEHU Central Library, Shillong or NEHU Campus Library, Tura.

The ILLS is provided free of charge to NEHU post-graduate students, research scholars, faculty and staff who are registered members of the NEHU Central Library, Shillong or NEHU Campus Library, Tura.

Proxy requests will not be entertained and the service is not transferable.

Availing the Service
Library members must first confirm that the materials required by them are not available in the NEHU Central Library, Shillong or NEHU Campus Library, Tura. The Documentation Section will not process ILLS requests for materials which are available in the NEHU Central Library or Campus Library, Tura (whichever is applicable).

Library members requesting ILLS must provide full and accurate bibliographic details (author/editor/compiler, title of publication/name of conference, edition, place and date of publication, etc.) of the materials.

Library members are requested to provide a printout of the bibliographical details of the materials required by them, if possible.

Submitting Requests
Library members must fill in the ILLS Request Form and submit the same to the Documentation Officer, NEHU Central Library, P.O. NEHU Campus, Shillong-793022.
Requests over telephone or through e-Mail will not normally be entertained.

Tentative Duration of Response/Delivery
A period of two weeks from the date of submission of ILLS Request Form may be required by the library/institution being requested to respond and/or send the material(s).

If the material is readily available in a library with which NEHU Central Library has a special arrangement, it may be available sooner.

There may be a delay in obtaining the material(s) if the ILLS request has to be sent to more than one library/institution.

Special Conditions
The lending library/institution may impose special conditions or restrictions on use of the loaned material(s), such as library use (reading and reference) only, non-renewable, or user's signature required, etc. On accepting the ILLS, library members are obliged to honour these conditions.

Loan Periods
The lending library/institution may set the loan period which may range from one to four weeks.

ILLS materials are subject to recall by the lending library at any time. Borrowers are instructed to return recalled items immediately.

Materials cannot be borrowed for exhibitions or other long-term use.

Library members must understand that overdue materials jeopardize the ILLS and the NEHU Central Library’s ability to borrow.

Restrictions on Materials for ILLS
Some libraries/institutions have categories of materials which are not available on Inter-Library Loan. Examples are: rare, fragile, or unique materials; audiovisual material; theses and dissertations; whole volumes of recent periodicals; and items in special collections.

In some cases, the materials may be available for ILLS only in other formats (e.g., digital, microfilm, microfiche). Library members requesting such materials will be informed accordingly on receipt of intimation from the responding library/institution.

Special Charges
The Documentation Section will make every effort to borrow the requested materials without add-on costs. However, in a few cases, requests may have to be entertained through other sources or modes of delivery which may involve additional or advance payment of photocopying/scanning/faxing/postage and handling charges as applicable. In such cases, the additional charges will have to be borne by the borrower. When NEHU Central Library is informed of this in advance, it will notify the applicants for their necessary consent.

Library members availing the ILLS are financially responsible for any damage caused to or loss of interlibrary loan materials, from the time they take delivery of the material(s) until the return of the same to the Documentation Officer.

Library members who borrow materials through ILLS are also responsible for damage caused by photocopying, even if no specific photocopy restrictions are noted on the material. Should any damage occur, it should be immediately reported to the Documentation Officer.

Borrowers are instructed not to attempt to repair by themselves any damage caused to the borrowed material(s).

N.B.: Library members who, on availing the ILLS, fail to comply with the terms and conditions mentioned above, will be deemed to have voluntarily rendered their library membership, and/or privilege of further use of library resources and services, liable to suspension.

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Submit the Filled-in ILLS Request Form to:

The Documentation Officer

NEHU Central Library

P.O. NEHU Campus