Subject Information Gateways


Subject Information Gateways provide links to online searchable and browseable catalogues of web-based resources including websites, documents, data, multimedia files and other resources which focus on a set of academic subject areas. Subject Information Gateways employ subject experts and information professionals to select, classify and catalogue relevant Internet resources to aid scholars perform online search, identification and retrieval of high quality academic/research materials. Generally, each Internet resource is described with a brief annotation and grouped under the appropriate category. Subject Information Gateways may also provide access to e-Journals (either free or through registration), links to related sites, discussion groups, mailing lists, and may even allow users to post their materials for online public access.


AHDS: Arts and Humanities

Arts Resources: The Arts

AstroWeb: Astronomy 

BIOGATE: Biological Sciences

Biz/Ed: Business and Economics

CAIN: Conflict Studies

ChemDex: Chemistry

EdWeb: Educational Reform and Information Technology

ELDIS: Development & Environmental Studies

GEM: Educational Resources

History: Historical Research

iLoveLanguages: Language-learning & Linguistics

InfoLaw: Law

Internet Directory for Botany: Botany

LawLinks: Law

Links for Chemists: Chemistry

Math Forum: Mathematics

MCS: Media and Communication Studies

Music: Music

NOVAGate: Forestry, Food, Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences

PADI: Preserving Access to Digital Information

Philosophy Around The Web: Philosophy

PhysicsWeb: Physics

PORT: Maritime Studies

Portal of Legal Resources in the UK and Ireland: Law

PSIgate: Physical Sciences

PsychWeb: Psychology

RUDI: Urban Design & Planning

Sapling: Architecture, Planning and Landscape

SciCentral: Science and Technology

Voice of the Shuttle: Humanities



Academic Info: All Subjects

BUBL Link: All Subjects

DMOZ: All Subjects

DutchESS: All Subjects

INFOMINE: All Subjects

Intute: All Subjects (New! Merger of Several SIGs)

MetaMatters: All Subjects

Renardus: All Subjects

Scout Report Archives: All Subjects

VirtualLibrary: All Subjects

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