Library Tours, User Orientation Programmes, Lectures, and Consultations

The NEHU Central Library offer guided tours throughout the year, and also offers user orientation programmes and lecture-cum-demonstration sessions, often in combination, on dates notified from time to time.

Library Tours

Explore the richness of the NEHU Central Library collections and the services offered. Supervised tours, though intended for newly enrolled students and research scholars, are also open to all members of the university community, visitors and student excursion groups from other institutions. Kindly contact the Documentation Officer in advance for arranging guided library tours.

User Orientation Programmes

The NEHU Central Library conducts User Orientation Programmes at the beginning of the new academic session each year for the benefit of the newly-enrolled students and research scholars of different departments/centres of the University..

Lecture-cum-Demonstration Sessions

These sessions cover essentials about the NEHU Central Library's resources and services, tips on using the Library's website, tips on using the catalogues (printed and online), accessing e-Journals available through e-ShodhSindhu/DelCON Consortium, and guidance on the use of web resources. These sessions are targeted towards assisting the students, research scholars and faculty members in optimising the NEHU Central Library's resources and services (both in-house and online).

Faculty Consultations

The Library encourages the faculty to schedule a library session tailored to their courses, assignments and projects. The Heads of Departments and faculty members of all the departments are requested to contact the University Librarian for consultation sessions on library resources and services relating to their respective thrust areas of research, revised syllabi contents, sponsored projects, etc. Such consultations are intended to help the library assess its collections and make appropriate efforts to strengthen the collections to meet different syllabi, thrust areas of research, and the areas of specialisation of faculty members.